Other Unique Flash Drive Solutions for Higher Education

Conserve Central Disk Space (LAN):

Flash drives can take the pressure off the limited storage space available on many school networks. Flash drive gifts to students can replace the need to allocate significant network space for those students.

Case Study

Ryerson University Ryerson University
See how Ryerson supported its students while conserving the University’s valuable disk space. 

Promote Intellectual Property:

Research and Development at Universities is responsible for innovations in several industries.  Flash drives can help Universities promote their products just as well as they market for corporations.

Case Study

University of Illinois University of Illinois
See how U of I used flash drives to efficiently managed trade show giveaways and promoted licensing opportunities. 

Sponsor and Support Associations:

Several Universities specialize in fields of study.  It is mutually beneficial to have relationships with Associations closely related to those fields.  In support, schools use flash drives to promote those associations.

Case Study

UCLA School of Nursing UCLA School of Nursing
See how UCLA helped the American Heart Association bolster recruitment efforts and appreciate their members. 

Material Distribution:

Hand out paper material and they are often discarded or buried.  Hand out material electronically, and it has a higher likelihood of being referenced again in the future.  Presentation materials, videos, and other important documents can be provided via flash drive for a stronger, more dynamic impact.

Case Study

SUNY College at Old Westbury SUNY College at Old Westbury
See how SUNY College impressed their students, shaped student behavior, and helped the campus Go Green with custom flash drives.