USB Solutions for Human Resources


The Problem: You’re an HR Specialist with a fresh round a new hires coming in. That means it’s time to get overwhelmed trying to print orientation documents, distribute them, and track who got what. After you’re done guiding new recruits through their orientation and training materials, you’re pretty sure those docs are just going to get lost in a pile of other of materials, never to be referred to again. You may even find yourself spending unproductive time reprinting documents they misplaced. Frowny Face.

The Victory: Imagine handing out all of those catalogs, worksheets and paper work on a single flash drive imprinted with your company’s name. The employees love it because its accessible, searchable, and even viewed as a gift, because there is plenty of space on the drive to store additional documents. Additionally, you saved frustrating hours of printing and collating, and made a meaningful impact on the environment by staying green. You might even be considered a hero if you end up saving the department some greenbacks by converting print materials to digital. Yeah. You. A freakin’ hero!

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Made Handbooks Easier to Manage

With regular revisions to their printed employee handbook, Caesar’s took initiative to be conservative with paper waste. They now upload their handbook on a 256MB Twist, handing out to over 500 new hires per year as a part of a welcome kit.



“It’s so much easier to edit and distribute our employee handbooks now. There’s no bulky inventory to manage, nor obsolete handbooks going to waste. And turnaround is MUCH shorter now without having to print, bind and ship every new generation of handbooks. As a plus, we’ve received great feedback from every recipient.”

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Made Training More Effective

During an annual orientation for new Teaching Assistants, OSU handed out on-campus resources, web resources, planning worksheets, and teaching handbooks. The documents are loaded on a 1GB Twist, attached to a black lanyard.



“We’ve noticed that recipients are immediately excited when they receive their flash drive. We’ve discovered that when you provide training materials electronically, the new hires are most likely to refer to them again.”


Made a Great First Impression

To surprise and delight new hires, UIC Facial Plastic Surgery Center hands out a useful 8GB Classic drive during orientation. The drive is preloaded with everything needed to rapidly get started on a positive path; such as training videos and company resources.



Survey-after-survey, our employees told us that those first 30 days were imperative in solidifying their decision to call UIC “home.” We want to make them feel immediately welcome on day one and give them something that encourages their success and reminds them they have made the right choice. We received a lot of great feedback about how much they appreciate having the extra space to store their own documents.