Memory Suppliers focuses exclusively on promotional usb flash drives

After 15 years and nearly 27 million custom flash drives sold, our recipe of quality, expertise, and wholesale USB prices has established us as US leaders in Custom USB.  Working with our team of experts, you can expect an easy process and confidence that your customized flash drive project will succeed. We'll help you choose from over 50 styles of customizable flash drives with your logo or create original designs that suit your business needs.
Wholesale pricing

Wholesale usb flash drive pricing vs bulk pricing

Wholesale flash drive prices means more than just buying in bulk. Because we are direct to factory, our Promotional USB Flash Drives don’t have the middle man markup. While some retailers provide a bulk flash drive discount, the price is based on retail cost. There is little room to get truly wholesale pricing from them.

Memory Suppliers has a long history, providing strong partnerships with key factories. With 15 years in business, over 60k customers, and millions of custom flash drive sales a year, we provide real wholesale pricing that allows us to guarantee low cost on quality usb flash drives.

Beyond wholesale, when Memory Suppliers provides a price, we include setup, imprinting, and lanyards or key chains as well. We also include Free Data Preloads up to 100MB. So, beyond wholesale flash drive pricing, our extras provide even more value.

Next time you hear about pricing, be sure you have wholesale prices to start with, know what is included, and be sure the company is providing quality flash drives.
Quality Flash

Quality Custom Flash Drives

What you don’t know can hurt you. Inside flash drives, there are essentially two ways the memory chips are held into place. You’ll want to know how the flash drives you’re buying are put together.

The less reliable way is to simply hot glue the chipboard to the housing. Unfortunately, this allows the board to move, and sometimes pushing it so far into the housing that the flash drive can’t fit into a computer.

The more reliable method, which we use, is to set the chipboard onto posts within the housing. This holds the unit in place, ensuring consistent usability and a quality flash drive. Because of the quality, we stand by our products with a Flash Drive Lifetime Warranty.

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