USB Accessories

Make it easier for them to keep your USB forever and ever. We can’t condone super-gluing your flash drive to your customers, but we’ve still got a lot of great options to get that USB attached.

If you’re looking to drive some additional brand awareness, you should consider some of our customizable USB accessories. We carry custom screen printed lanyards and key chains. Custom lanyards are perfect for trade shows and corporate events. The large surface area allow you to prominently showcase your company color and logo in a non-discreet manner. If you are looking for a more subtle way to promote your business consider the custom key chain for your next corporate event.


Basic Lanyard

Makes flash drives easy to carry, impossible to lose.  Measures 0.5″x 15″. Available in a variety of colors: Black, Blue, White, Grey, Green, Red, and Orange.


Key Loop

One of the most popular accessories, the key loop fits onto any custom flash drive with an eyelet.


Key Chain

Classic, convenient and simple solution to keep a flash drive close. Will fit most flash drives with an eyelet.



Easy to detach.



Very easy to detach.

Mobile Strap

Mobile Strap

Detachable, and easily so.



Custom Lanyards

Custom Polyester Lanyards

Completely brand you flash drive giveaway by adding a screenprinted polyester lanyard. Used to conveniently carry your USB Flash drives around your recipient’s neck and more prominently display your brand at that next tradeshow or a convention. Customize specifically for your needs by selecting the color and attachment, along with your logo.



Attachment Options:

Types Of Lanyards

Color Options:


Removable Clip:

Removeable Clip Display