USB Flash Drives for Fundraising

The Anamanaguchi Rainbow Flash Drive

Though not an entirely new concept, crowd-sourcing has become more prevalent since websites like Kickstarter haveanamanaguchi appeared in the virtual space. Finding “backers” to your creative idea has become a savvy solution to those looking to fund projects that they could otherwise not afford. Our next customer story is about a chiptune/electronic band seeking help with promoting their new album. Anamanaguchi wanted to go to market with their album “Endless Fantasy” without the creative restraints of a big label. They became the 2nd most-successful music project to be funded on Kickstarter, and raised $277,399 from 7,253 backers – $227,399 over their goal!

In exchange for backing the project, “project creators offer rewards to thank backers for their support.” That’s where Memory Suppliers / iPromo came into play. Anamanaguchi rewarded backers that pledged $20 or more a customized jump drive with pre-loaded files of the Endless Fantasy album, music videos, and other audio files from previous albums:

We created a custom irridescentanamanaguchi2 casing made from anodized titanium coating to create this stunning rainbow effect:

This is a great example of creative printing. The same creativity can also be focused on custom shaped flash drives that you can design.