USB Flash Drives for K-12 Schools

For today’s student, saving drafts of term papers, final presentations and other important documents on a flash drive means:
  • Mobility — transport their work between home, library, or school.
  • Accessibility — save time and access their information immediately.
  • Security — backup and secure their homework.

Here you’ll find resources to help support the needs of students education.

Recommended K-12 Solutions:

  • Print your school’s mascot, custom colors with pms color matching or slogan for School Spirit.
  • Pre-load learning programs that can boot off the flash drive, so students can access software from any computer (especially important when students don’t have a computer at home).
  • Buy different color flash drives and add pre-loaded information specific to the color.  Distribute to specific groups of students to match their needs better (i.e. Grade level, Special needs, Advanced, etc).
  • Lanyards will help students carry their information wherever they go and prevent flash drives from getting easily lost by younger students.
  • Managing student flash drives
    • Use a hanging organizer to keep track of the flash drives. Click Here for example.
    • Distribute materials between teacher and student — easier for teachers to keep track than with piles of paper.
    • Student names can be printed or written on the drives for identification.
    • Serialization — A unique serial number can be pre-loaded on to each drive for identification.

Case Studies

Clark County School District Student Support Division Clark County School District – Student Support Division
See how flash drives were used to support and manage the development of students with learning disabilities.

Texas School for the Deaf Texas School for the Deaf
See how a flash drive gift made a student event memorable.