Bulk USB Flash Drives

Bulk flash drive purchases provide a higher level of price discounts for our customers. We have direct factory pricing, which makes our prices lower than the the market. Buying in quantity allows us to pass along even greater saving. To take advantage of bulk purchasing, there are a few more ways to save.

More ways to save with bulk USB purchases

Plan for the year. We often have clients who order quantities of flash drives throughout the year. Whenever possible, combine multiple planned purchases. While these smaller bulk USB purchases help save money, combining purchases reduces overall shipping and setup fees, allowing us to pass along greater savings.

Place bulk usb orders well ahead of time. The savings from purchasing in bulk can be wiped out by rush production and shipping. So, in addition to reducing the stress of last minute ordering, well planned bulk purchasing can avoid surcharges and allow you to take full advantage of quantity purchase savings.

Take advantage of free bulk USB data loading. Many customers use flash drives for distributing materials and documents. By having the material available at the time of ordering, you can have it preloaded onto all the flash drives before they are shipped. For data up to 100MB, there is no charge.

Typical use cases for bulk USB flash drives

Trade Shows
Trade shows and conventions are a common application for bulk flash drives, Typically, the quantities are high enough to qualify for significant savings. If you are participating in more than one trade show, combine their orders for one larger bulk sub purchase. This is also a great time to take advantage of the pre-loaded data services to save yourself time.

Student orientations
Flash drive or student orientations are frequently used as a promotional giveaway as well as a practical tool for the students. For colleges and universities that will see literally thousands of students each year, bulk usb purchases just make sense. To make the volume even higher and save more, departments at the schools should be sure to coordinate their purchases.

For larger companies, employees frequently use flash drive, both for their own use as well as to share information with clients and vendors. Too often these are not purchased in quantities, but through standard office supply. By purchasing logo flash drives in bulk, companies can provide employees with flash drives as they need and insure that clients are receive branded flash drives.

What to look for when making bulk USB flash drive purchases

Bulk USB Pricing method
Price inclusivity is a key element in the cost of USB buying. Be sure to have a detailed list of what is part of the initial price. Some companies will separate charges for shipping, imprinting, run charges, PMS color match, and special decorations methods. This is okay, but you want to be sure you have this detailed. One of the biggest surprises can come from shipping charges, so some companies leave that out of the initial unit price and then add it to the invoices. More unscrupulous sellers will add language to the contract to the effect if “buyer is responsible for cost of shipping.” without detailing the shipping cost. Be sure shipping is either included in the unit price, or the total cost for shipping is detailed in the contract.

Market Sourcing for USBs
The fact is there are a lot of companies in China producing USB flash drives in large quantities. While this makes for a very price competitive flash drive market, it also impacts quality and reliability for those USB sellers who swap suppliers based on lowest bid for the job. When buying USBs, inquire with the seller how long they have been working with a particular supplier, and how much of their business is sourced through them. The best is to have a seller who has direct to factory relationships. These tend to yield low cost and better reliability over time.

Bulk USB Data Preload 
Be sure your data is ready before it is sent to the seller for preloading. This goes to the notion of planning ahead. Once your data is provided, any changes after that point can produce confusion and errors. In some cases, the cost of rerunning the preload can negate the savings achieve by purchasing in bulk. Take the time to be sure the data is correct.

Color Matching
Using PMS color matching is the best way to minimize potential color errors and customize your USB. Do not rely on the colors seen on your screen. If precision in colors is important, provide your seller with your PMS numbers to ensure they are getting exactly what you need. When you are purchasing hundreds to tens of thousands of flash drives, you really want to be sure the colors are correct.