Custom USB

Custom USBs are one of the hottest promotional items on the market. The custom USB has the great quality of combining tremendous utility with creativity. As you are putting together your promotional marketing plan, and including usb flash drives, you really have a wide spectrum of options. So, with a little imagination, you can do a whole lot with these products.

Flash Drive Styles

The USB Flash Drive shapes are as varied as you can imagine. Long before you get into the custom shaped flash drives, you can begin your customization by finding the shape that best fits your brand or event. Some of the more popular flash drives are the twist, classic and compact. However, you can get a great custom look with the unconventional shapes as well. Some of the more fun shapes are the Key, dogtags, credit card and bottle opener. As a first step in customizing USBs, pick the shape that best suites your event.


  • jefferson black metal ubs credit card flash drive usb 2.0
  • Custom Color Swivel USB Flash Drive
  • Mirrored USB Flash Drive
  • Promo USB Flash Drive Key
  • barrel_img_8






Material of the USB Flash Drive

For some purposes, the material might be important in making your statement. Some things just fit better. There are flash drives made with wood casing, others have all metal, and some pure plastic. If the material of the custom USB is important in making your statement, you have options here too.

Custom USB Colors

While many flash drives come in a wide range of colors that will match most needs, you also have the option to customize the USB with a PMS color match. For many companies and universities close is not enough. They need the exact color to make the point. Whether one of the standard colors or a PMS color match, customize flash drive colors are always high on the list for marketers.

Custom Flash Drive Decoration

The final, and perhaps most creative aspect of custom flash drives is the decoration. This can be your logo, slogan, artwork or simply a photo. Depending on the shape and style, you can have a full-color imprint (credit card flash drives have a great surface for this), or you can etch your logo into a classic metal flash drive. As you consider the decoration, look beyond the simple and customize the flash drive in a way that will really stand out.

When you put it all together, you create custom flash drives that will stand out, be used often and be remembered. There is no reason your flash drive won’t be share as much for its custom design elements as for the data it holds. If you are looking for more ideas on custom flash drives, contact the USB experts at Memory Suppliers. They have helped thousands of customers create the perfect USB for their needs and can help you as well.

Once you have designed your custom USB, you can save money with bulk USB purchasing. With a little planning, you can reduce cost, save time and alleviate stress.