USB Storage: Data Loading Services

Basic Data Loading
We can preload any data file to your custom shape USB or the logo usb flash drive (i.e. software demo, music, flash demonstrations, PowerPoint slideshows, movie clips, and PDF product brochures). With basic data loading, files can be removed by users to free up flash drive space.  Check out “Non-Erasable Content” options if you want to prevent your content from being removed.


We offer complimentary data loading of up to 100MB of data on all orders.

Non Erasable Content
Any files loaded on the USB Flash Drives can only be read and opened, but not erased by the user.  There are two options:

  • Fully Locked:  This completely prevents the user from adding or removing any files.  The flash drive would only be used to share the content that you choose to add.
  • Partitioned:  Only a section of the flash drive is locked (enough to store your data).  The rest of the space on the custom flash drive can be used to store the user’s personal data.
Custom Drive Icon

We can have your logo set as the drive icon. When the USB flash drive is inserted into a computer, the drive selection window will have your logo on it.   It might not be easy for your users to identify which is your flash drive if you’re using the generic default icon — potentially frustrating your customers.  Adding a custom icon will help your drive stand out and get your content noticed.

Custom Drive Name

A specified drive name will show up in the directory instead of the default, “Removable Disk.” If your user’s have a lot of drives on their computer, it might not be easy to identify which is your flash drive. Adding a custom drive name will help your users quickly locate your content. You can add up to 11 characters.

Unique Serial ID Drive

A pre-configured unique serial number can be preloaded onto each individual drive for software copy protection, USB replacement, software activation, membership token, access control, and multiple other security and identification purposes.


The ability to add content has turned custom flash drives purchased in bulk into powerful marketing communication devices, delivering beyond your typical promotional product.  By adding content, we have seen an incredible range of USB applications emerge.  Some examples…

  • New product/service awareness – Get distributors or customers to take notice
  • Dynamic content at tradeshows – compliment the immediate impact of print materials with more robust digital content
  • Digital business cards – share a little more about your business than just your contact info
  • Unique invitations to an event – add some pomp and circumstance to that invite
  • Save money and go green with less paper – convert those handbooks, manuals, training materials
  • Press Kits – get your story noticed by the media amidst the red ocean of press releases
  • Orientation/training materials – a great onboarding gift loaded with materials


Standardize Your Data
To ensure everyone can access your materials from any device, we recommend documents are in PDF format and videos are in MP4 format.

Provide Links to Online Resources
Content remains permanently fresh by updating the online resources, so the content never becomes dated.

Add Videos
Dynamic content can be consumed much easier, and by adding to a flash drive they can take it home with them to fast-track their development.

Lock the Data in a Partition
You can carve out a little space on the flash drive for the data that can’t ever be removed, so the materials aren’t removed accidentally.


How much information can a custom USB flash drive really hold? We´ve put together a chart that shows how many photos, documents, songs and videos your personalized USB drives can carry. Please keep in mind that these charts are based on an average file size and may vary slightly for you.




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