School Store and Fundraising Solutions

USB drives are a necessity for all students and teachers, which is why so many K-12 and Universities are selling custom flash drives to augment their fundraising.  Here you will find resources to help you improve your flash drive sales and margins.

Product Recommendations:

  • Sell meaningful capacities (1GB, 2GB, 4GB)
  • Consider your student’s color preferences— Students are accessorizing at every opportunity to express personality and individuality.
    • Pantone match your school colors – school pride always sells.
    • Offer an array of vibrant colors with your school logo—Students are proud of their school’s logo, but today’s kids aren’t allegiant to their school colors when faced with the option to accessorize and express themselves.
  • Add Lanyards. They are affordable and add value by helping students keep track of their data and double as a location to wear their Student ID.

Inventory Recommendations:
You can still save on bulk rates by managing your purchases in two ways:

  • Purchase at least 1 year’s worth of flash drives in advance
  • Purchasing multiple capacities in smaller quantities to qualify for a total volume discount (i.e. 50x1GB + 50x2GB = 100 level pricing OR 50x1GB white + 50x1GB black + 50x1GB blue = 150 level pricing)

Display Recommendations:

Lanyard Accessory Lanyards – Lanyard attachments can be used to hang from the store walls.

usb flash drive gift Packaging Clamshell Packaging -A custom sleeve backing sells the features, while the clamshell cover dresses up the drive for resale.

Campus Bookstore Case Studies

Kaplan University Kaplan University
See how Kaplan has learned to efficiently sell custom flash drives at their campus bookstore.

Other Fundraising Recommendation:

  • Make flash drives “required materials”.  At the beginning of the school year, add flash drives to your “Student Supplies List” for the upcoming year to drive school store sales.
  • Pre-load School Events and sell them.  Add value by adding photos from a field trip or retreat, an electronic yearbook, or video of a sports game, graduation or reunion.
  • Growing trend: Sell flash drives at the school library.  This is often the point of immediate need for students and teachers that want to save work from the libarary’s on-site computer terminals.
  • Re-sell flash drives for a cause.  Send emails and print media announcing the sale of flash drives for a premium to raise funds for the University or a Program.  Consider pre-loading materials that outline the value of their contribution and pre-load a “thank you” message in gratitude.
  • Distribute flash drives to raise campaign awareness with the right people. Get the immediate attention of potential contributors that can make a difference.
    • Data Load — materials like video’s, prospectus, campaign goals, donation materials
    • Double-sided print to improve your causes’ exposure — In addition to your School’s Logo and slogan, a second side print can be used to brand the program name or specific cause for which funds are being raised.