10 Different Ways You Can Use Your Flash Drive

Many technology users may be tempted to assume that USB drives are a thing of the past. After all, the advent of online backup systems has led many folks to rely on cloud technology for storage.

In reality, the USB drive is just as relevant as ever. This is why professionals in virtually every industry still use flash drives.

Still not convinced? Then let’s take a closer look. Here are ten different ways that you can use a flash drive.

Use Your Flash Drive as a Key

Many businesses work with sensitive information. For instance, you might handle private information related to clients, or deal with trade secrets. In these cases, it’s important to keep the files on your computer protected.

A cool way to do this is to turn your USB drive into a physical key for your computer. Using a service like Predator, you can set your computer to only turn on when the USB drive is plugged in. Without the flash drive, a user will receive an “Access Denied” message.

This way, you can be sure that others won’t be able to access information on your computer without your permission. This is also a good anti-theft strategy, as thieves won’t be able to use your computer without the USB drive.

Secure Your Files

Another great security feature of USB drives is the ability to password protect them. By adding a password to your USB drive, you’ll ensure that no one can access the files if your drive is lost or stolen.

For most USB drives, setting up a password is extremely simple. Simply plug in the device, right click on the icon, and select, “Turn on BitLocker.” You can then choose the option to protect the device with a password. If you’d like to take your security to another level, you could have your files encrypted.

Install a Backup of your Operating System

It’s critical to keep your digital files backed up. Otherwise, a system failure or computer virus could result in you losing all of your important information.

Luckily, it’s easy to use your USB drive to backup data. And, in addition to backing up files, you can even backup your computer’s operating system to a flash drive. This way, if there is a problem, you can easily restore the system.

Also, you can use a USB drive to run an additional operating system. For example, if you have a Mac, you can use a USB drive to run Windows. Or, you can use it to try an updated version of Windows on your PC.

Make a Rescue Drive

These days, computer viruses, malware, and Trojans are just about unavoidable. Even if you have anti-virus software, it’s still possible to get infected.

To protect your computer, you can turn one of your USB drives into a rescue drive. Basically, a rescue drive contains a bootable antivirus that will scan your computer for problems when it is plugged in. You can then use this drive to remove all viruses from an infected PC.

Run Portable Apps

If you use a different computer at home or at work or have to borrow a computer, using portable apps can be a convenient option. With portable apps, you can access internet browsers or document editors all from a USB device.

When you run portable apps, you can maintain the same custom settings, even when you use different computers. Also, you won’t be using as much storage on the actual computer.

Store Games

Any gamer will tell you that PC games offer the best playing experience. They feature better graphics and are much more affordable.

The biggest challenge with PC games, however, is that they take up a lot of memory on your computer. This can lead your computer to run slowly, especially if you play a lot of games.

By using a USB drive, you can easily store your computer games, without eating up memory. This way, you won’t have to delete saved games to make space on the PC.

Create a Modern Mix Tape

Another creative way to use your USB drive is to play music. You can download a playlist of your favorite songs that can go with you anywhere. Or, you can make a mix tape for a friend as a gift.

You can even download your entire iTunes to a USB drive. This way, you can access your library anywhere, and bypass the “no more than five devices” rule.

Add Extra RAM to Your PC

Your computer has two kinds of memory: RAM, and hard drive. Most of the files you save are kept on your hard drive. These data must be manually accessed by the PC.

By contrast, the PC can access data on RAM immediately. The more RAM your computer has, the faster it will be able to run. If you notice your computer is running slow, you can use a USB drive to add portable RAM so the system will function optimally.

Expand Mobile Phone Memory

Most people are used to using a USB drive to expand memory from the laptop or desktop computer. What you may not realize is that you can also use thumb drives to expand your phone’s memory.

This can be a great option for phone users who love to download a lot of apps, and quickly run out of space on their phone. Using a USB OTG cable, you’ll be able to store the extra information easily.

Market Your Brand

Because USB drives are so versatile, they’re a great option for businesses looking for marketing giveaways. Unlike a lanyard or a pen, a custom flash drive is extremely useful.

Branded USB drives will make your company a favorite at trade shows. Not to mention, every time the recipient uses the USB drive, they’ll be reminded of your business.

We Have the Customization You Need

If you would like to get a custom flash drive for your business or organization, contact us. We’ll work with you to customize the perfect USB drive for your needs.