8 Benefits of An Online Company Store for Your Promotional Products

Many businesses who are looking to buy promotional products for their clients, consumers, and employees might be looking to do so for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re trying to develop deeper relationships, increase brand exposure, or boost employee motivation, it’s all a part of an effective marketing strategy that will bring major benefits to your business.

However, it’s quite common for companies who have a large promotional products budget to experience multiple struggles with the management process. Typical issues may include those related to stocking inventory and shipping, distributing items, and staying organized with their products and managing spend per department. It can be time-consuming and stressful to keep track of orders as they reach different destinations. Keeping your own branded inventory is basically a job in itself, which requires time to manage the logistics.

Luckily, there is still a way where you can reap all of the benefits of custom promotional products and eliminating all of the common issues associated with the process — by using an online company store for your company branded merchandise.

Online Company Stores For Your Branded Merchandise

Benefits of Having An Online Company Store For Your Promotional Products

So what are some of the major benefits that you might experience using an online company store for your promotional products? Let’s explore what some of the biggest benefits of an online store for your company swag:

1. Generate Consistency With Your Branding

One of the greatest benefits of using an online company store for your promotional products is that you will have the opportunity to generate more consistency with your branding. You’ll need to match up your logo design, brand colors, and any other graphics with your branding to make it clear and memorable for consumers.

When you use an online company portal for your brand, you’ll be able to get all of your specifications, designs, and optimizations done in one place. You can make sure the color scheme remains consistent among all of your promotional products and branding efforts, and all of your products will be branded with your logo.

Studies have found that by presenting a brand consistently across all platforms, businesses can increase their revenue by as much as 23%. By using a company store for your promotional products, your business will generate a stronger identity.

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2. Reduce Costs and Gain Control Over Your Finances

Another major benefit of using a company store for your promotional products is the opportunity to reduce expenses and gain control over your finances. A lot of time and money goes into ordering products (where you’ll usually need to order a minimum quantity) and ordering and distributing them out to consumers. By using an online company store for your promotional products, you can end up saving a lot of money because you’ll be more in control of the process.

Company stores also typically offer a range of different types of payment options, so you’ll be able to pay in whichever way is most convenient for you. You’ll also eliminate the need to store physical items in your inventory, which will save you a lot of money. And you won’t need to order a minimum order quantity, which is a huge bonus for when you don’t want to buy hundreds of products.

Keep in mind that you also have the opportunity to create and set a budget for different locations, to make sure you don’t go over your spending. This will make it easier to gain control over your finances and actually stick to the numbers you were thinking of spending on your promotional products.

3. Eliminate Stress — Free Up Time and Energy

Doing all of the work to make sure your branding stays consistent, tracking and importing inventory, and delivering items can be very time-consuming — especially for marketers and managers who are busy with a bunch of other tasks. It can also take a while to get your orders processed and shipped, which means it can take a while for consumers to receive your promotional products.

When you use an online company store for your promotional products, you won’t only be saving money, but you’ll be saving lots of time and energy as well. You can make sure your products always stay in stock so your consumers and employees can order them when they want them. You can have your orders received immediately, and it will be easier to get your products shipped on time. You won’t need to deal with tracking inventory or dealing with shipping issues — those will be taken care of for you. How great does that sound?

4. Boost Employee Efficiency and Motivation

One of the greatest ways to boost efficiency and make your employees more productive in the workplace is to eliminate tasks that don’t match up with their skills. It can be incredibly time-consuming to deal with shipping, tracking, and distributing inventory amongst locations. So when you’re making your employees constantly deal with that, chances are, they might not feel so motivated or driven to reach their potential and deliver results for the company.

When you eliminate the need to complete these smaller tasks, they will find it easier and less time-consuming to do that — which means they’ll have time freed up for other tasks. You can use that time to assign tasks that are more engaging and motivating to them, so they can feel like they’re really contributing to the company.

You can even give out promotional products to your employees as gifts, or as ways to incentivize them for a job well done. Handing out corporate gifts can motivate employees to do better, and to develop a more positive attitude towards their employer and their workplace. They will feel valued and appreciated for the work that they do, which is incredibly important as that will affect employees’ well-being and organizational performance. Making your employees feel valued can also help boost your retention rates, reduce absenteeism, and boost productivity.

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5. Eliminate the Need to Hold Physical Inventory

Did we mention that when you use an online company portal for your promotional products, you’ll no longer need to store physical inventory for your products? We might have (okay, we definitely have), but have you thought about the benefits that will bring you?

Not only will that save you time from tracking, managing, and distributing inventory (and the stress associated with it), but it will also save you tons of money, and even boost productivity in your workplace. For starters, you won’t need to hire employees specifically to ship and distribute products — and you won’t need to make your core employees handle that, either. You also won’t need to pay money to buy or rent out large spaces in multiple locations to hold your inventory, as you’ll have a single centralized distribution system to move your promotional products through.

When you use an online company store for your promotional products, you’ll have all of your items tracked and distributed through one large system. Everything will be more organized and it will be so much easier to keep track of orders and inventory — especially when you’re used to tracking items and orders among various locations.  

6. Gain More Control For Your Business

In the majority of cases, buying and customizing promotional products through an online retailer means that you’ll need to buy a minimum order quantity. And when you’re looking to save money or only buy a few items for particular employees, consumers, or clients, you might not want to order a large quantity, as that will end up costing you way more than you originally planned for.

When you use a company ecommerce store to handle your promotional products, you’ll be able to set those rules. If you only need a few items of a particular product, you can order that quantity. However, if you feel like you need more, you can always order more as well. There’s no minimum limit to how much you need to order, so it will be much easier to stick to your original budget and financial limits.

7. Experience the Benefits of Having a Centralized Distribution System  

There are many benefits that having a centralized distribution system will bring to your business, including better inventory management, flexibility, and accessibility, not to mention the costs you will save.

It will be much easier to track inventory and stay on top of purchases when you’re selling and distributing your products from a single location. All of your products will be standardized and consistent with each other, producing fewer variations when it comes to quality and specific requirements. You’ll need fewer employees to import, manage, and distribute inventory through several locations, which will significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency and organization.

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8. Maximize Quality For Your Promotional Products

When you work with a trustworthy company to manage an online company store for your promotional products, you can trust them to ensure the highest quality when it comes to delivering your service and creating your products. You just need to find a provider that you can fully trust to handle following your product requirements and providing the best customer service. Make sure they produce high-quality products, stay on track of orders, and are extremely reliable to work with. Your goal is to increase your sales and boost customer loyalty — and that’s exactly what your provider should help you achieve.

If you’re looking for a reliable, consistent provider to build your company ecommerce store and handle your promotional products, contact us. We offer curated branded products, provide a seamless ordering process, and real-time reporting to take care of all of your needs in a fast and timely manner. For more information, you can visit our website or contact us by phone at (888) 994-7766 to get started.