8 Best Back to School Giveaway Ideas

Great Back to School Giveaways

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

For some people having a new school year start can be a good thing. It means getting back to a schedule and keeping kids on track. It also means getting back to work and being able to focus.

No matter how a person views the new school year, it’s going to happen. Getting kids and parents excited about what’s going to happen can mean providing back to school giveaways. This is also a good chance as an institution to create school spirit and give people something they can use throughout the year.

A World of Options

When it comes to the different back to school products that your company may consider giving away, there is a world of options. People always need school supplies for their kids, and this can get expensive. If they can find a way to cut costs, they’ll take it. This gives you the opportunity to create promotional items for kids that will not only be useful but get your logo and brand in front of a lot of eyes.

If you’re looking for some back to school giveaway ideas, check out the list of eight items below.

1. Bags

Students, parents, and teachers can all benefit from having bags, and having different types can be beneficial. For kids, having branded backpacks or drawstring bags is a great way to get your information into the schools. They are also practical promotional products for kids and will be used on a daily basis to help them get their materials to and from school.

Tote bags can be a good choice for both parents and teachers alike. Both groups often have a wide variety of things that they need to carry, including papers or books, and placing them in a tote bag can make this process convenient and easy. Because this product will go to a variety of places, there’s the potential for a lot of people to see your branding.

2. Notebooks

Pretty much all students will need a notebook at some point in their educational career. As they get older, they may even need more than one. Having a notebook with your branding and logo on it is a great way to be seen by a variety of people and give students something useful that will help them with their education.

Teachers can also benefit from having a notebook laying around. They often need to keep track of a lot of different things, and having a notebook that is organized is a really good choice. They may even take this product to meetings and other events, so—once again—you have the chance to have your logo seen by a large group of people. When it comes to school giveaways, this is a product that doesn’t have to cost a lot but can have a huge impact.

There are a variety of different styles and types of custom notebooks to choose from, and getting one that’s higher quality will ensure that students and teachers hang onto it for a long time. If it gets tossed into a bag, it will also be able to stand up to any punishment it might encounter in there.

Custom Notebooks For Students

3. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are pretty much a staple of the school year. Teachers, students, and parents use these items for a variety of needs. Often, parents will use these to send messages of encouragement to their students in their lunch or notebook. Students can use them for notes or as a book marker. They can also be used to flag important information or for lessons. Teachers use these to make notes and keep track of important items.

The versatility of sticky notes makes them essential back to school products, and giving away sets that have your branding on them could be incredibly beneficial. There’s no doubt that these will get used by many people, and that means tons of opportunity for interaction and the chance for others to see your logo.

Custom Water Bottles For Schools4. Water Bottles

Most people realize that they need to stay hydrated throughout the day, but that can be challenging if students have to stay in their seats or teachers are busy with instruction. However, with a water bottle, they have the option of keeping water nearby and not having to worry about when they’ll get a chance to make a trip to the water fountain.

Many students also participate in sports, so having a water bottle around can be advantageous. Since one of the most important criteria is that they don’t leak, most kids aren’t overly picky about what they use for water. This could mean that it will travel with them to various towns as they participate in events, and that’s a great way to reach a new audience.

In addition to custom water bottles, you might also consider doing a giveaway of coffee mugs or travel mugs. Teachers need all the help they can get when it comes to energy and dealing with kids, and these are a great way to keep their beverages hot and/or cold.

5. Lanyards

A lot of schools use IDs to identify students, teachers, and visitors. That means that they often have ID holders and use lanyards to carry them around their necks. With use, these items have a tendency to wear out rather quickly, so they need to be replaced. Kids are also notorious for being hard on things.

Creating custom lanyards is a great way to get your information out to a lot of people and give students and teachers a product they will use on a daily basis. Since these items are often inexpensive, it won’t cost your business an exorbitant amount to have a lot of them made. Of course, if they are higher quality, that means they’ll last longer and get used more often.

Lanyards make great school giveaways, as can badge holders. Again, with the increased use of IDs for both teachers and students, having a way to easily and conveniently carry this item can be beneficial. As a business, your goal should be to create a promotional product that people will want to use, and this one definitely fits the bill.

Custom School Supplies And Apparel

6. School Supplies

Every year, students and teachers need a new set of school supplies to get them through their lessons. In both cases, they have to use their own money to get these items, so getting promotional products for kids can be incredibly beneficial. It gives them what they need to be successful, and it gives you a chance to help where needed.

There are so many different options you have to choose from, and all of them are products that students and teachers can use. Younger and older kids can benefit from having a calculator, and rulers are used quite often in math instruction. For all assignments, having a sharp pencil is imperative, but a student may not have the option to get out of their seat to use a pencil sharpener. This is where having a manual one will come in handy.

Erasers are also incredibly beneficial, as are staplers so that students can keep their work together. Having an organizer to keep all of this in can also be advantageous. No matter what your budget or goal, there is a school supply that you can use as school giveaways that will be beneficial to everyone.


7. Lunch Bags

Most schools supply their students and teachers with a healthy, nutritious meal.Custom Lunch Bags However, not everyone likes what is offered from day to day, so bringing a lunch from home is an option. Keeping it together and organized is helpful, so creating a lunch tote or box as a promotional idea can be really useful item.

8. Flash Drives

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a student that doesn’t use a computer to do their work. While it may be more beneficial for older kids, having a flash drive will ensure that they can get their work to and from school with ease. They can also be incredibly helpful for teachers when it comes to transferring information.

Plan Your Promotions Today

It won’t be long before a new school year is upon us. Now is the best time to figure out what will benefit parents, students, and teachers the most and get your back to school giveaway ideas together. We are here for all your promotional and giveaway needs, so contact us today to see what we have to offer.