Best Custom Premium USB Drives For Creative Marketing Campaigns

Promotional products give brands a chance to display their logo on everyday items, which is really cool. You get to connect with people while they go about their daily activities. But if you want to take it to the next level, you really need to consider custom shaped promotional products. Two of our favorites are custom shaped flash drives and custom shaped power banks.

 Van Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

At the core of these custom shaped products is the same technology used in mass production. The same chips and controllers, same batteries and circuit boards are used in the flash drives and power banks. But the shell or casing is made to order based on the designs you create, or we create with you.

Some clients like to replicate their logo, while others replicate their actual products…miniaturize them. But, you can do anything. Buildings, animals/mascots, even abstract designs. The point is, don’t limit yourself when coming up with concepts.

The process of creating the custom shape is pretty straightforward. When you connect with a Memory Suppliers account manager, you’ll be asked for images of what you want. If you are not sure, the account manager will work with you to determine the design. Once done, a dimensional drawing will be created, and you will work with the account manager to finalize it before production. Depending on the time frame, a proof will be created for approval and then full production will begin!

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

In theory, any shape is possible; these are polymer based items created from custom injection molding techniques. However, there are some practical considerations.

The design has to be large enough to accommodate the core technical items. Remember that the same internal elements used in mass production are also used in the custom shaped items.

The item needs to be practical. A USB flash drive shape that is too big to allow for easy access to the USB ports on the computer may look good, but will not be well used. Similarly, custom shaped power banks made in an odd or too big of a configuration will not be used as much. In either case, the item is not going to serve the purposes intended… be useful and gain impressions.

When it comes to promotional products, the custom shape approach can extend the impact of the items. With nearly 100% control, you can create a design that is extremely relevant to the target audience.

Finally cost… it is probably not as much as you might think. Of course, it depends on the design, but it is usually just a bit more than the mass-produced versions of the product. Given the extra impact you can have, the little extra money will be well spent.