Custom Shaped Flash Drives: Under Armour Fast

Under Armour’s SpeedForm Apollo “THIS IS WHAT FAST FEELS LIKE” Campaign  is one of the most innovative, creative projects for which we developed one of our custom shaped flash drives.  Art and Design by Chichi Bello, with the creative direction of Sean Flannagan, this packaging was phenomenal.

The design team for the packaging was brilliantly creative in the unconventional shoebox shape, product presentation and “extras”, include a custom shaped flash drives created by iPromo at their direction. The images below take you through the components of the packaging as well as the video for the campaign. The flash drive is right in line with the overall design of the program.

The custom shaped usb flash drive design was intricate and required multiple iterations to match the look and feel the design team created. When it was done, the custom flash drives fit beautifully with the packaging concept.

You will see the likeness to the Jet at the end of this Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo video:

When you consider the different applications for custom usb flash drives, this shows how integrating multiple features into a single package concept is very powerful. The custom shape flash drive is cool, but the real impact comes from the totality of the elements in this unique shoe box.