Why USB Flash Drives Are A Hit Promotional Product even in 2019

Custom USB Flash Drives For 2019

Custom Flash Drives Are Just So Convenient

The inevitable omnipresence and handiness of the USB flash drive are just what makes it so successful as a promotional item to market your brand.

One of the things that make USB flash drives so fun to own and show off is that they can be so creatively customized. This means that they double not only as a kitschy keepsake but a sort of versatile collector's item or the variety that also happens to be infinitely useful. It is one of those things that people just feel like they can’t have too many of. They keep them at their desk at work. They keep them on their keychain. They keep them at home. The list goes on.

The thing with custom USB drives is that they are the best way to ensure that information, photos or forms are readily available. They are infinitely convenient. All a user has to do to access their information is toss them into a USB port. Even better, newer vehicles offer technology that allows movies, audio or any other media to be easily accessed on the road. This means that logo flash drives are not likely to wane in popularity any time soon.

Custom USB Flash Drives Are Convenient and Useful

Promotional Flash Drives Work Alongside Cloud Technology

Most people might recall that when cloud technology started taking hold, there was talk about custom flash drives becoming irrelevant. However, here we are in 2019, and custom USB flash drives are still everywhere. Turns out those predictions couldn’t be farther from the truth.

So let’s dig into this a bit. The question is if flash drives have been deemed irrelevant, why do people still love them?

Well, the best answer is that they are just so darn useful.

Sure, we may not need to have a flash drive anymore, but it can sure make printing off that medical from the clinic just emailed you a snap. Just because a type of technology is not necessary doesn’t mean that people will still not find it more convenient than the alternative. With the light portability that flash drives offer their users, this has certainly proven to be the case in 2019.

Combination USB Flash Drives

In fact, while some predicted flash drives would become obsolete with the advent of cloud technology, many have been surprised to discover that flash drives and cloud technology actually complement each other perfectly.

Where the cloud leaves some things to be desired, the flash drive jumps in to save the day.

  • Cloud data requires a working internet connection in order to be accessed, but the information stored on a USB flash drive only requires a USB port.
  • As cyber threats and major data breaches become increasingly common, USB flash drives provide a convenient physical way to backup your data and provide an extra layer of security.
  • Promotional flash drives offer a wider array of functionality than cloud technology. The cloud is undeniably a fantastic way to store and transfer data, but cannot provide easily transferable information that can be accessed instantly or run software or applications independently.

This is why logo flash drives are not only still relevant in 2019 but are actually just as popular as ever as people come to realize that the type of convenience they offer is often separate and distinct from the advantages of cloud technology.

Promotional Flash Drives Are Cost Effective

Logo Flash Drives Can Market Your Brand in Way That Cloud Technology Can’t

“The ubiquity of promotional products in America is staggering” -  Nate Kucsma, executive director of research and corporate marketing at ASI

Unlike cloud technology, USB flash drives are physical objects that are ideal for marketing your branded image. Not only are flash drives literally designed to be portable, which translates to tons of free exposure, but it turns out that promotional flash drives are also something people love to have around.

In fact, The Global Ad Impressions Study found that 58% of consumers own promotional USBs and that 43% of these consumers will hold onto these promotional flash drives for more than 2 years. For every USB flash drive that costs just a paltry $5, they will generate a whopping 700 impressions. Even better, each these impressions will cost the average company less than a penny each to earn!

That is something that cloud technology cannot do for your brand.

Branded USB Flash Drives Are kept over a year

Promotional Flash Drives - Fun Facts

The great thing about these highly affordable branded office gifts is that they can do a lot more than most people actually realize. Be sure to spread the word!

1. A Rare Form of Rugged Technology

We all love technology, but one of the major downsides of techy gadgets is that they are inclined to break and bust. There are few types of sophisticated tech gadgets that can survive repeated hard falls and exposure to the outdoor elements, that is, aside from custom USB drives.

This is because, despite having the name “drive”, logo flash drives actually have no moving parts. This means that they are far more durable than most types of tech-related objects, and as such, are the type of branded promotional item that will last.

2. They Will Protect Your Data

Custom USB drives get a bad rap for being insecure, but to the contrary, they can actually be used to provide extra layers of security to their user's data.

Not only can password protection and hardware encryption easily be added to the drive to protect sensitive information, but they can actually be used as a key to unlock and lock entire computer systems and even create a bootable operating system in the event of a crash.  

3. Make Your Favorite Applications Portable

USB flash drives can be used to make beloved software applications portable, which means that users don’t have to drag their whole computer with them everywhere they go.

Even better, they can be used in moving vehicles to access media files even when there is no Internet access.

Custom Wood USB Flash Drives

Get Your Flash Drive How You Want It

One of the best things about flash drives is that they are not only incredibly functional, but they also provide a rare opportunity to really get creative with the design and styling of an otherwise practical item. 

Promotional flash drives can be created in either a 2D or 3D to looks exactly like your logo, your company building, your mascot or your product. The most popular material of choice to customize your image is soft PVC plastic but they can also be made from metal or more rigid ABS plastic. When it comes to USB drives, if you can dream it, we can make it.

When you purchase bulk USB drives for promotional purposes you are not only getting fantastic bang for your buck but also maximizing on marketing potential since USB drives provide such a great way to really create a brand image that will leave an impression.

Here’s Why Logo Flash Drive Make the Ideal Office Gift

Logo flash drives are the type of office gift that your employees, partners, and clients will genuinely appreciate receiving. Even better, the unique opportunity that they provide to create an entirely unique image or figure to market your brand means that employees are highly likely to show them off to friends and family. These lightweight, highly portable items are the type of thing that people like to take everywhere. And they make a great conversation starter.

Since they are so highly affordable, bulk USB drives can also be ordered for promotional or giveaway purposes. They are a great way to give your company an edge over the competition by creating an incentive to buy and leveraging future marketing potential all-in-one. They can be sold or given away at trade shows, job fairs, weddings or any other venue where you want your company name to make an impact.

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

Here’s How to Order Your Own Custom USB Drives

When you order promotional flash drives, expect the whole process to take about 5-20 days depending on the complexity of your order.

You have the power to fully customize your own design when you order bulk USB drives in orders of 100 items or more. This means that you have the choice to not only design your mold but also imprint directly onto the mold. Make your order part of the mold. Create an embossed image. You name it - all for just a couple of dollars more a unit. There is no easier and more affordable way to get creative with your branding than with custom USB drives. Come get a quote today to find out more and let us show you how easy it is to create an impression that will last.

Meanwhile, our pre-designed styles are readily available in quantities of 25 or more. You can count on 24-hour rush delivery on the most popular pen style drives so last minute orders are not a problem.  Buyers can decide between the more traditional A type drives or the newer, sleeker C type lightning drive. Capped or uncapped, USB business cards, there is just such a great selection to choose from. Want to give your employees the best? Be sure to check out the 3.0 flash drives to get a hold of the fastest transfer capabilities out there.

Want to learn more? don’t hesitate to check out our 2019 Custom Flash Drive Buyer’s Guide or simply just reach out to us today.