How Can Promotional USB Drives Grow Your Brand?

Are you looking for a unique way to promote your business?

Promotional USB drives offer users a convenient way to transport large quantities of documents and can help spread the word on your company while they do it.

According to Global Industry Analysts, the global market for USB drives will reach more than half a billion units by 2020.

Read on to learn more about how a promotional USB drive can help your business.

Mass Appeal

In today’s digital world, a USB drive is useful to people and other businesses, giving your promotional USB drives have a universal appeal.

Not only is a USB drive is a useful way to transport documents without the risk of damage to physical files, it’s also an effective way for you to save space when you are packing up to prepare for a conference or an industry trade show.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Promotional USB drives are also a great way to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer.

Why? Because a USB drive is a useful gift that can be used often. According to the New York Times’ Gadgetwise, USB drives can last up to 10 years or longer.

How many times have you received promotional gifts that you do not want or will not use? Items like pens, magnets or paper clips have minimal utility and do not last long.

Promote Being Environmentally Friendly

Have you ever been to a conference or trade show and received a large stack of paperwork or other materials?

These are costly for the business printing them and can create an issue for the recipient who needs to find a place to store them.

A USB drive can be used to help send a message to trade show or presentation attendees that your company is environmentally friendly.

Going green is an increasingly more meaningful thing consumers consider before spending money.

According to Nielsen, 72 percent of consumers who are part of Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s) report they will pay more for products and services from companies they perceive as having a positive social or environmental impact.

“Brands that establish a reputation for environmental stewardship among today’s youngest consumers have an opportunity to not only grow market share but build loyalty among the power-spending Millennials of tomorrow, too,” says Grace Farraj, SVP, Public Development & Sustainability, Nielsen.

For businesses who are seeking to capture this segment of the market, a USB drive can send a positive message to those consumers.

Wrapping Up: Market With Promotional USB Drives

A USB drive is a useful tool for consumers and can be a positive way for you to market your company to others.

Are you interested in using USB drives as part of your marketing campaign?

At Memory Suppliers, we can help your business design a unique USB drive to use for promotional purposes.

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