Make A lasting Impression With a Metal USB

Make A lasting Impression With a Metal USB

Lets face it, you want to be remembered… that’s why you are reading this. You want to give out a promo item that the person will think about many times after you meet. You need the Metal USB Flash Drive. This is the promo USB that gets people’s attention when you give it to them. It is also something they will use over and over again, seeing your logo each time and remembering your brand.

Why a metal USB

Metal makes an impression. The visual effects of polished, etched or imprinted metal gets a lot of attention. Polished metal simply stands out, whether matt or gloss finish, people tend to notice it. The etched metal surface calls attentions, speaks to quality and durability… two traits you want to have associated with your brand. When you imprint on a metal USB, the characteristics of the metal surface are not overcome by the ink, but are drawn out by it. The texture of the metal is apparent as a base of the imprinted logo or design. This attracts attention and provides a lasting impression.

clariant metal ubs credit card flash drive usb 2.0But it is not just the inherent qualities of the metal that call attention to the USB. There are many different designs of metal flash drives that highlight the great qualities of the metal surface. The metal credit card or business card USB has a large imprinting metal surface area for terrific creative designs. Even if it is just your company logo, your brand will stand out a lot on the large surface. Pluss, using your imagination, you can create some very cool custom designs as well that can use full color printing on the flash drive.

There are other flash drive styles that just say “quality” and “class”, like this Bentley Metal Flash Drive from iPromo. Better for metal etching than imprinting (though imprinting on this USB would work as well), the Bentley really stands out among flash drives.

Other styles of metal flash drives follow the more traditional shapes of the swivel and stick, but with the added dimension of metal. This material choice adds a lot of value to the appearance of even the most traditional shapes and styles of USBs. From small, compact flash drives to larger ones, the addition of metal as a material has a great affect on the impact the promo item makes.

So, whether it is a trade show or a client gift, take a look at metal flash drives and see if there isn’t one that makes sense for your promo campaign.