Which USB is the right one for me?

There are so many styles of custom USBs that deciding which style is best can be difficult. Depending on your need, there may be many that can work, but which would be best? For other applications, there may be only a few good choices for you. While some of this can come down to taste, there are ways to look at custom flash drives that can help you select the best one.

When you think of promotional USBs, there are two primary reasons for purchasing them. One is utility. You need to store and share files and you are looking for a reliable flash drive supplier and style. Two is marketing. You want to make an impression and have the person remember your organization long after they first receive the promotional flash drive.

Flash Drive Buyer for utility USBs

If you are a utility purchaser, portability, speed, and capacity are your primary considerations. Flash drives come in capacities ranging from 64MB up to 128GB. Though it is possible to get even higher capacity flash drives, at some point, the added capacity has a cost that makes it impractical. Most organizations can meet their needs with a 16GB or 32GB flash drive. Consider the files that need to be shared; simple documents will require lower capacity. Media files, like photos, videos or audio / music will require more capacity. Consider the likely use case and you can figure out the capacity you need. You can check out our capacity guide here.

Custom Image USB Flash DriveSpeed is another factor. While most people are fine with USB 1.0, if you are running media off the flash drive, or using it in presentations, consider a USB 2.0. The faster speed will make it more convenient to use.

Now comes the shape and size for a utility buyer. The most common flash drive styles are the Twist (sometimes called a swivel) and the classic. Theses fit easily in pockets and hands. It is not just the size that is appropriate but the shape. This may seem minor, but if you are using the flash drive often, the more comfortable it is to carry and hold the better.

Flash Drive Buyer for Promotional USBs

For promotional buyers, the equation gets a bit more complicated. While capacity is important if you are also sharing a lot of marketing materials on the flash drive, it is likely less of an issue. We see 4GB and 8GB with USB 1.0 flash drives as the most common. The real citizen watch metal ubs credit card flash drive usb 2.0question is who are you giving this to and what do you want them to think?

If you are trying to convey class, stability or reliability, the Metal USBs are a good area to consider. The styles are elegant and the feel of the flash drive is solid. Etched metal has an unique look that gets and hold attention.

For more whimsical and fun, take a look at things like the Bracelet USB. It is playful and practical. There are also fun shapes like the Capsule, Robot or Laser. Take a look at these styles if you want to make people smile.

To tell people you are really creative, check out the credit card flash drive. In both plastic and metal, the credit card usb (also called business card USB) lets you showcase creativity.

Back to the utility purchaser… don’t neglect the creative side. Even if the primary purpose is file sharing, you can make a lasting impression as well with imprinted logos or design.

If you are still not sure what direction you want to go, contact the customer representative or browse the custom USBs on Memory Suppliers for some great ideas.