Segment your trade show audience to make a better impression

You have the trade show coming up and a lot of marketing information to share. Loading down your prospects and current customers with new product information, brochures, pamphlets, etc is the quickest way to have your material dropped in the hotel waste basket right with most of the other exhibitors. You need to find a way to make sure your material goes home with people and is reviewed long after the event is over.

But, there is another challenge. Not all prospects and customers are the same. Yes, we know you are suppose to say everyone is equal. But in business you need to prioritize and place your efforts and money where it will make the most impact.

USB Flash Drives are a great way to meet both needs.

You know about Custom USBs and storing material on them. What you may not realize is that this material can be loaded onto your flash drives before they are shipped to your office or event location. By planning ahead, you can have your product information preloaded onto the flash drives, saving you a lot of time and effort. While the flash drive holds your material, and has your logo on it, it is also very useful to the people who receive it. They will likely keep the USB, reference it frequently as they load their own files to it as well.

But what about acknowledging that some prospects need to be treated a bit differently? Giving your key customers or high value prospects the same flash drive you are handing out to everyone who comes across your trade show booth doesn’t exactly tell them that they are special. To do this, you need to allocated some budget for the masses and some for the key people.

For the trade show booth handouts, there are a number of USB styles that are lower cost, yet maintain their quality. Among the most popular of theses are the USB Twist and USB Classic. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to these flash drives. Talk to a customer service representative and let them ask you a few questions about your event and they can help you select the best flash drive for your needs.

Luxury USB Pen DriveWhen a higher value prospect comes to your booth or your meeting room at the trade show, you want to let them know that you recognize their importance to your business. But, you also want to share your new product information with them. There are higher end styles of USB flash drives that convey this message wonderfully. One in particular that comes to mind is the USB Pen Elegant . It is a great writing instrument with a built in flash drive. You might also consider some of metal usb options as well. Again, if you are not sure, contact a customer service representative and they can help you out.

Another important aspect of purchasing for trade shows is the bulk usb purchasing. If you have events throughout the year and can plan ahead, you can save money with upfront volume purchases. So, think about the longer term needs and save.

USB flash drives are not a one size fits all promo item. They can be customized to your event and even to your target audience. So take advantage of this and make a lasting impression on all your prospects and customers.