The Impact: Logo USB Flash Drives Shape, Color and Content

We do a lot of custom shaped flash drives. But, sometimes our stock USB shapes do the trick very nicely. This was the case for keys to literacy.

The company wanted a logo flash drive that was also connected with the company based on the shape. Our sales team went through the many options and found the perfect fit. This key shaped flash drive, with Keys to Literacy’s logo, was a great pairing of form and function.

Keys to Literacy use logo usb flash drives that look like their logo

Notice the shape of the keys on the logo. These align very closely with the actual shape of the flash drive. What is really neat about this is that when a person uses the flash drive to access the material, the content, form, function and artwork all represent the brand in a very powerful way.

Keys to Literacy is taking full advantage of the marketing impact possible with the flash drive. This kind of connection is usually found with only the custom shaped flash drives.

When considering a flash drive, even if it is for very utilitarian purposes, consider the connection it can create for your brand. Some of the areas to consider:

1) Colors. This seems obvious, but often requires prompting from our team. Many drives accommodate color matching service. You can get colors that are right on. We have found that some organizations that have a great connection to their colors, consider this only as far as their logo goes. You have multiple areas to apply colors that will resonate with your brand, be sure to leverage this.

2) Shapes. Even if a custom shaped flash drive is not an option (perhaps due to timing), talk to the account manager about the your company, program and purpose. While the usb twist  is the most popular flash drive, our account managers can often help you select a shape that is more aligned with your purpose.

3) Content. This is relevant both for your flash drive distribution and the use the recipients will have. Take advantage of the ability to distribute content on the flash drive. It may be a simple html file to pull content from your website (you can then change the content over time, and measure use), or full blown videos and a myriad of content in between. Take advantage of this (we offer free data-preloading services up to 100MB.) Also consider the uses for the recipient. The larger the capacity of the flash drive, the more versatile it can be. Give the recipient every reason to make the flash drive their primary mobile storage — with your logo on it.

We know that many of or customers are crunched for time, and we pride ourselves on getting things done for them quickly. But, if we can spend a few minutes talking about the purpose of the projects, we can often guide clients to some really cool options.