Why Branded USB Sticks are the Most Effective Promotional Product

Are you looking for the perfect promotional product for your business?

Branded USB sticks are the new T-shirt or coffee mug. According to Global Marketing Analysts, the global market for usb flash drives is projected to exceed 555 million units by 2020.

Android smartphones featuring micro USB ports are helping to drive this growth and lend credibility to their staying power in the market.

This is exactly why these are wonderful promotional products no matter what your industry is.

Customized To Be Unique & Cool

You want to be different and stand out. Your business, tagline and logo were all thought out after much debate and deliberation. Your branded USB sticks can be customized the same way.

They are available in all shapes and sizes and you can even make your own one of a kind classic. What could be more unique than a usb that looks like a jet that was done for an Under Armour marketing campaign?

You can take this idea and really run with it for your business. If you are a contractor, you could get a house USB. Animal shelters could purchase a cute dog or cat usb. Use your imagination and have fun with idea. You will want to put some time into thinking about what will make it get passed around.

Introduction Tool or Ice Breaker

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner or sales representative at a business, it’s always nice to have that perfect excuse to introduce yourself. Forget handing out brochures or business cards, you can put all your promotional information on the usb. The likelihood of it getting thrown out has now dropped to zero.

The booths at trade shows with promotional items have been proven to receive more traffic than the booths with nothing. It’s good to have a unique ice breaker to get the conversation rolling about what you have to offer.

Promotional products kick off the reciprocal effect. It’s been proven that the effectiveness of campaigns almost double when you give something away.

Marketers use this technique all the time. People do business with people they like and the only way to get to know someone is to introduce yourself. Branded usb sticks have a high perceived value to consumers and when you are giving away them away you are guaranteed to be memorable.

High Perceived Value

Electronic gadgets have a much higher perceived value than a mug or shirt. Just the fact that you can’t create one yourself or even totally understand how it works, gives the perception that it is costly.

I’m sure you’ve received a stainless steel mug as a promotional item in the past. How would you rank that mug compared to a plastic one? I know I kept the stainless ones much longer. The plastic ones were re-gifted or tossed.

The same principle can be applied to your branded USB sticks. Metal USBs make a statement with their quality and durability. You can really step up the perceived value and also give yourself that touch of class that you want everyone to remember you for.

When you think of branded USB sticks, you may be thinking your branding space will be really small. You may want more room than what a product like a pen would have. There are some great credit card shaped USB’s that will give you all the room you need to deliver your company logo and tagline with class.

Usefulness & Sharing

Everyone can use a USB. In the past, everyone didn’t necessarily know what a USB was or what it could do. Those days are long gone. Even our kids know that we need to be paperless and more environmentally friendly. USBs are another step in that direction.

Shirts and pens used to be the “go to” items in promotional products. But t-shirts as promotional items were always limited by the size and whether they would fit. Many women don’t appreciate the squinting and staring at their chest as people read the logo and what it is advertising.

Your branded USB sticks will get more mileage for your promotional dollar that just about every item out there. Every school year, children need one to have in their school supplies. They get passed around the office and are super for traveling.

There are so many different things they get used for and these are some top favorites.

Backing Up Information

We have all experienced the inevitable day when something crashes and you can’t get into your computer without taking it in for technical support. Have a usb handy to just throw a copy of documents or pictures on it. Better to be safe than sorry if you need that document first thing in the morning and couldn’t wait for tech support.

Taking Pictures For Prints

If you are heading into a place to get copies made, the branded USB sticks are quick and plug into almost every machine on the market now.


Documents, photos and just about every kind of information now can be easily shared with a USB plug and play technology. It’s quick and makes transferring items from one machine to another easy and painless.

Run Applications or Lock Your Laptop

There are a lot of other high tech things that branded usb sticks can be utilized for that the average person doesn’t even know that they can do. You can run portable applications with it or use it as a mp3 player. You can even lock your computer with it.

If you are one of those tech savvy people, those are great things to throw out there as you are passing your branded usb sticks out to prospective clients.

Branded USB Sticks For Viral Marketing

You can now see how branded USB sticks are cutting edge, trendy and the next step in viral marketing.

Imaginative and creative ideas will set you apart from the competition.

Come by our website to start designing your original usb and try out our quick quote feature. We also have live 24/7 chat to answer any questions you may have.