Get crazy creative with Credit Card USB

Last month we mentioned in our “Which is the Right Flash Drives for Me” article that for companies that want to display a particularly creative brand, the Credit Card Custom USB Drive is a really good choice.

Naturally many people thought “what is so creative about a credit card usb?” Well, we like to think of the credit card flash drive as a blank canvas, ready for your creative genius to convert it into something unique and memorable. But, we also know that sometimes creative genius needs a little priming. So, we thought we share some of the great ideas companies applied to the mini-canvases.

Customizable Credit Card USB Flash DriveThe Coca-Cola creative is the most nostalgic we have ever seen. On one side, it is a simple Coke red background with a white silhouette of the classic Coke Bottle. On the reverse side of the flash drive is an old photograph depicting a city street with an old Coca-Cola sign on a building. The best part of this design is that it takes two very simple, very straight forward images and creates a nostalgic feeling; it is genius in its simplicity and did not require exceptional design skills.Audi Custom USB Flash Drive Business Cards

Continuing with the nostalgia theme, Audi combined their logo on one side with the image of an old Audi racing car on the other. You’ll notice that the grey tones on the image and the logo treatment convey an upscale impression. Simple elements combined to create great results.

Custom Image Credit Card Flash DriveGodiva Chocolates has taken mouth watering to an art form, and it shows. Godiva used awesome photography so you can see how good their chocolates are. When product shots tell it all, the great printing areas of the credit card flash drives give you a great canvas.

Another classic, Citizen Watch, used the black metal credit card usb to as the background for a really stunning product Metallic USB Card citizen watchshot. But, in this case, it is more than the image itself. The medium says a lot as well. With a metal base, the custom usb becomes part of the art. And the solid, quality of the watch comes through even when you’re holding the metal usb; the feel alone speaks volumes.

Orbitz Branded Credit Card Flash Drive

With full color processing, Orbitz created a flash drive that really shows of the deep colors of the ocean and the bright blue of the sky. Even the most colorful images can be brought to life on the larger imprint areas of the white credit card flash drive.

Another creative way to use these flash drives is as a business card. Business card USBs make it easy to share your information on a medium that will be kept. Lets face it, when you hand someone a paper business card, they enter the info into their phone and trash the card. The info won’t be seen again until you call them and it pops up in the screen. As a business card usb, even after they enter your contact information, they have a reason to keep the “card” handy, use it frequently and be reminded of you.

However you decide to use the credit card flash drive, remember that you have exceptional creative space available to you. Take advantage of it.