How To Lock a Computer With a USB Pen Drive

In an era of increasingly frequent data breaches it should come as little surprise that most consumers are becoming more concerned about their privacy and protection. Unfortunately, passwords are so ineffective tech giants like Google and Apple are working to make passwords obsolete.

If some of the best minds in the world of technology don’t think passwords offer great protection should you? The good news is there are other ways to lock your computer and take security seriously.

You may not know that a USB pen is a great way to lock your computer and keep your data, personal information, and property safe.

A USB pen isn’t just functional, stylish, and a great gift. Here’s why:

Understanding the Risks

Taking a look on your newsfeed on any given day should give a great reason why privacy is so essential in the digital age. More and more often hackers are compromising data of big companies and getting access to your passwords.

The recent data breach at Equifax is only the beginning of the woes of the company’s security policy. While the controversy could affect more than 143 million people, it also led to greater scrutiny on company policies.

Security consultants have found Equifax uses passwords that are easily hacked for company employees and larger databases of information. If hackers and security experts can access your personal data and passwords so easily how safe can your personal computer be?

Relying on a password isn’t safe when it comes to locking your computer.

Additional Concerns

A USB pen is ideal because it doesn’t just protect from someone hacking your password. A USB pen can lock your computer so your kids, friends, and family members can’t access your computer.

In a culture where even industry giants like Adobe are vulnerable to giving up personal information, your computer is at risk too. But this risk can just as easily be a physical risk.

Someone could grab your computer and access it when the password protection isn’t enabled. Protecting your computer requires more than a password.

It also requires more than hoping hackers will stop exploiting poor security protection from the businesses and service providers you connect to.

Many computer users have no idea how much of their privacy is at risk when someone access their PC.

Your Private Information at Risk

In the digital age, we take it for granted that computers make our lives that much easier. We use computers to make our lives more efficient, enjoyable, and productive.

But with every function you use your computer for there is a greater risk to your personal information and privacy. Your contact lists, personal photos, and data are all there for any would-be hacker to exploit.

Add in access to your financial information, bank accounts, and financial assets and a hacker could have a field day robbing you blind. In fact, they can likely access your social media sites, internet history, and email accounts as well.

You may use the internet for medical records, job functions, and other personal and commercial assets. While computer make our lives that much easier there is also more at stake with privacy.

A USB Pen Can Make You Secure

Many users are surprised that a small USB pen or USB device can make such a big difference in protecting their computers and their privacy. Depending on your operating system and preferences securing your computer is as easy as a program and a USB device.

While many users love USB devices because they can easily erase secure data and keep it private, they are thrilled to find USB devices can lock their computer too.

Predator for Windows, USB Lock for Mac, and Rohos Logon Key, for both Mac and Windows, are all programs that can be used to protect your computer with the assistance of a USB device.

Simply put in your USB pen to make the computer operational. When you get up and leave your workstation bring your USB device along.

The computer will remain locked until you place the USB device in again.

Access Denied

After installing your program and setting up your preferences you can enjoy a much greater level of privacy protection. Without that USB device inserted your computer will not be functional.

Anyone who tries to access your computer without the USB device inserted will get an “Access Denied” message on the screen if you elect to use the Predator program for Windows.

With these programs, you can effectively turn any USB device into a customized key for your computer. The USB slot along with one of the easy-to-use computer programs becomes a lock.

Only by matching your key to your lock can you access your computer. For that hard to shop for executive, business owner, or entrepreneur a USB pen offers a great gift.

One of the many ways they can use a USB flash drive is in making their computer more secure.

Keep a Record

It’s one thing to be able to keep your computer secure. It’s something else entirely to see who is trying to access your personal information and property.

There are options in Windows Predator that can also record attempts to access your computer without the USB device inserted. When you return to your computer you can access a log of failed attempts.

If you are looking for even more evidence against your would-be hackers there are other capabilities with locking your computer with a USB device.

You can even set your preferences so your computer’s camera snaps a picture of anyone who attempts to access your computer without the USB device inserted.

You will have a photo of anyone who tries to access your computer!

Keep it Secure and Stylish

Knowing the threats to your personal security and personal privacy show that a greater level of protection is required than passwords can provide on their own.

MemorySuppliers offers a wide range of USB memory devices to keep your data secure and your computer safe too.

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