What You Need to Know About Buying a Custom Flash Drive

custom flash drives sitting on a laptop computer

Odds are, you’ve used a flash drive in your lifetime.

You might have needed one for school or college or received one in a welcome package for a new job.

They are incredibly powerful for their compact size, storing thousands of documents in a safe and convenient way. However, what if they could be used for more than just data storage?

Custom Flash Drive

A custom flash drive is a great new way to promote your business. Imprinting a logo on an interestingly-shaped flash drive can garner attention from people who receive it or simply see it being used.

They are fully customizable, from their size and shape to their capacity. They make great gifts, too! You can never have too many on hand.

Follow along to read more about why you should customize your own flash drive.

It Saves Paper

This is the most basic reason for switching to electronic devices. Being able to store thousands of documents on a tiny object saves so much paper.

Think about it: you’ll no longer need to print multiple copies of an important schedule, document, or memo. Instead, you can carry them around with you and distribute them around the office digitally.

Buying a set of customizable flash drives can help your office become more eco-friendly. If you’d like to learn more about how you can customize a flash drive, follow this link.

Transfers Sensitive Material Securely

Flash drives are great for when you want to transfer sensitive material offline. You eliminate the risk of confidential records and documents being compromised.

Unless you lose your flash drive, hackers cannot access your data. So, no one will know what you have on hand. It’s a great way to not only remain anonymous, but also to make sure that documents remain only in the right hands.


As we mentioned before, custom flash drives can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Just print your business logo on the front and you’re done! Giving these out at trade shows can be a great way to get your name out there.

Many business owners give them out in conjunction with their business card. Others decide to place them in goodie bags for charity events or on each seat before important meetings.

Another great idea is to bring one to a business presentation.

Load your PowerPoint on to it. Once you’re done presenting, hand the flash drive to your prospects. They will be able to access the presentation whenever they want and you will get free publicity every time they plug in their flash drive.

Buying Guide

Now that you see what custom flash drives can do for you and your business, you should learn more about their technical specifications. For example, you need to research which type to get and how powerful to make it.

Follow along for a quick rundown on some specs that will hopefully help you decide which flash drive to buy.

Storage Size

Custom flash drives are available in a wide range of storage sizes. You can go for the most basic 128MB option, or upgrade to a 32GB one. It all depends on your budget and on what the intended use of the flash drive would be.

To give you some context, you can store roughly 10,000 documents on a 1GB flash drive. On the 16GB version, that number goes up to 160,000. This is assuming your documents are approximately 100KB in size.


There are two common versions of flash drives: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. The latter is the current, updated version. It has significantly faster speeds of data upload and download than its older brother.

Most flash drives on the market are USB 2.0. However, it’s important to check with your custom flash drive provider to make sure you’re getting the newest, fastest version.


A flash drive is only as good as its internal structure. Finding one with a great memory chip is essential. You’ll want to look for grade-A manufacturers, such as Intel, Samsung, Micron, and Hynix.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the materials being used on the outward casing are durable. Opt for metallic key rings instead of plastic ones.


Keeping a flash drive in a safe place can be a challenge for a lot of people. Many will lose their USB within a few weeks of having it. Making a small hole at one end for a keyring is an easy but incredibly useful feature to add to your custom flash drive.

It is also very smart to add a small LED to indicate when the flash drive is in use. It should turn off as soon as the USB is ejected from the computer, even if it remains plugged in.

Data Services

If you intend to use your custom flash drive for marketing purposes, there are so many things your supplier can do for you before you even receive your order.

First off, they can preload data onto each flash drive. This could be anything from a presentation, a brochure, or even a video.

They can also enable USB Auto Run, which will automatically open preloaded data when the flash drive is plugged into a computer. This will make sure that whoever uses your custom flash drive will access the material you deliberately placed in it.

If you want to place a USB order for your office, it might also be smart to add the File Lock feature. It prevents files from being accidentally deleted. This is a great feature for contracts, special client files, and other materials that you don’t want to lose.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned about all the cool tech aspects of flash drives, get excited to design your own!

The sky is the limit with these. You can make them into the shape of an American football, as slim as a credit card, or even embed them into a pen.

Whatever you decide will be a great step forward for your business. If you still need help designing your custom flash drive, contact us.

We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

10 Different Ways You Can Use Your Flash Drive

Custom USB next to computer

Many technology users may be tempted to assume that USB drives are a thing of the past. After all, the advent of online backup systems has led many folks to rely on cloud technology for storage.

In reality, the USB drive is just as relevant as ever. This is why professionals in virtually every industry still use flash drives.

Still not convinced? Then let’s take a closer look. Here are ten different ways that you can use a flash drive.

Use Your Flash Drive as a Key

Many businesses work with sensitive information. For instance, you might handle private information related to clients, or deal with trade secrets. In these cases, it’s important to keep the files on your computer protected.

A cool way to do this is to turn your USB drive into a physical key for your computer. Using a service like Predator, you can set your computer to only turn on when the USB drive is plugged in. Without the flash drive, a user will receive an “Access Denied” message.

This way, you can be sure that others won’t be able to access information on your computer without your permission. This is also a good anti-theft strategy, as thieves won’t be able to use your computer without the USB drive.

Secure Your Files

Another great security feature of USB drives is the ability to password protect them. By adding a password to your USB drive, you’ll ensure that no one can access the files if your drive is lost or stolen.

For most USB drives, setting up a password is extremely simple. Simply plug in the device, right click on the icon, and select, “Turn on BitLocker.” You can then choose the option to protect the device with a password. If you’d like to take your security to another level, you could have your files encrypted.

Install a Backup of your Operating System

It’s critical to keep your digital files backed up. Otherwise, a system failure or computer virus could result in you losing all of your important information.

Luckily, it’s easy to use your USB drive to backup data. And, in addition to backing up files, you can even backup your computer’s operating system to a flash drive. This way, if there is a problem, you can easily restore the system.

Also, you can use a USB drive to run an additional operating system. For example, if you have a Mac, you can use a USB drive to run Windows. Or, you can use it to try an updated version of Windows on your PC.

Make a Rescue Drive

These days, computer viruses, malware, and Trojans are just about unavoidable. Even if you have anti-virus software, it’s still possible to get infected.

To protect your computer, you can turn one of your USB drives into a rescue drive. Basically, a rescue drive contains a bootable antivirus that will scan your computer for problems when it is plugged in. You can then use this drive to remove all viruses from an infected PC.

Run Portable Apps

If you use a different computer at home or at work or have to borrow a computer, using portable apps can be a convenient option. With portable apps, you can access internet browsers or document editors all from a USB device.

When you run portable apps, you can maintain the same custom settings, even when you use different computers. Also, you won’t be using as much storage on the actual computer.

Store Games

Any gamer will tell you that PC games offer the best playing experience. They feature better graphics and are much more affordable.

The biggest challenge with PC games, however, is that they take up a lot of memory on your computer. This can lead your computer to run slowly, especially if you play a lot of games.

By using a USB drive, you can easily store your computer games, without eating up memory. This way, you won’t have to delete saved games to make space on the PC.

Create a Modern Mix Tape

Another creative way to use your USB drive is to play music. You can download a playlist of your favorite songs that can go with you anywhere. Or, you can make a mix tape for a friend as a gift.

You can even download your entire iTunes to a USB drive. This way, you can access your library anywhere, and bypass the “no more than five devices” rule.

Add Extra RAM to Your PC

Your computer has two kinds of memory: RAM, and hard drive. Most of the files you save are kept on your hard drive. These data must be manually accessed by the PC.

By contrast, the PC can access data on RAM immediately. The more RAM your computer has, the faster it will be able to run. If you notice your computer is running slow, you can use a USB drive to add portable RAM so the system will function optimally.

Expand Mobile Phone Memory

Most people are used to using a USB drive to expand memory from the laptop or desktop computer. What you may not realize is that you can also use thumb drives to expand your phone’s memory.

This can be a great option for phone users who love to download a lot of apps, and quickly run out of space on their phone. Using a USB OTG cable, you’ll be able to store the extra information easily.

Market Your Brand

Because USB drives are so versatile, they’re a great option for businesses looking for marketing giveaways. Unlike a lanyard or a pen, a custom flash drive is extremely useful.

Branded USB drives will make your company a favorite at trade shows. Not to mention, every time the recipient uses the USB drive, they’ll be reminded of your business.

We Have the Customization You Need

If you would like to get a custom flash drive for your business or organization, contact us. We’ll work with you to customize the perfect USB drive for your needs.



Get crazy creative with Credit Card USB

Last month we mentioned in our “Which is the Right Flash Drives for Me” article that for companies that want to display a particularly creative brand, the Credit Card Custom USB Drive is a really good choice.

Naturally many people thought “what is so creative about a credit card usb?” Well, we like to think of the credit card flash drive as a blank canvas, ready for your creative genius to convert it into something unique and memorable. But, we also know that sometimes creative genius needs a little priming. So, we thought we share some of the great ideas companies applied to the mini-canvases.

Customizable Credit Card USB Flash DriveThe Coca-Cola creative is the most nostalgic we have ever seen. On one side, it is a simple Coke red background with a white silhouette of the classic Coke Bottle. On the reverse side of the flash drive is an old photograph depicting a city street with an old Coca-Cola sign on a building. The best part of this design is that it takes two very simple, very straight forward images and creates a nostalgic feeling; it is genius in its simplicity and did not require exceptional design skills.Audi Custom USB Flash Drive Business Cards

Continuing with the nostalgia theme, Audi combined their logo on one side with the image of an old Audi racing car on the other. You’ll notice that the grey tones on the image and the logo treatment convey an upscale impression. Simple elements combined to create great results.

Custom Image Credit Card Flash DriveGodiva Chocolates has taken mouth watering to an art form, and it shows. Godiva used awesome photography so you can see how good their chocolates are. When product shots tell it all, the great printing areas of the credit card flash drives give you a great canvas.

Another classic, Citizen Watch, used the black metal credit card usb to as the background for a really stunning product Metallic USB Card citizen watchshot. But, in this case, it is more than the image itself. The medium says a lot as well. With a metal base, the custom usb becomes part of the art. And the solid, quality of the watch comes through even when you’re holding the metal usb; the feel alone speaks volumes.

Orbitz Branded Credit Card Flash Drive

With full color processing, Orbitz created a flash drive that really shows of the deep colors of the ocean and the bright blue of the sky. Even the most colorful images can be brought to life on the larger imprint areas of the white credit card flash drive.

Another creative way to use these flash drives is as a business card. Business card USBs make it easy to share your information on a medium that will be kept. Lets face it, when you hand someone a paper business card, they enter the info into their phone and trash the card. The info won’t be seen again until you call them and it pops up in the screen. As a business card usb, even after they enter your contact information, they have a reason to keep the “card” handy, use it frequently and be reminded of you.

However you decide to use the credit card flash drive, remember that you have exceptional creative space available to you. Take advantage of it.

Which USB is the right one for me?

There are so many styles of custom USBs that deciding which style is best can be difficult. Depending on your need, there may be many that can work, but which would be best? For other applications, there may be only a few good choices for you. While some of this can come down to taste, there are ways to look at custom flash drives that can help you select the best one.

When you think of promotional USBs, there are two primary reasons for purchasing them. One is utility. You need to store and share files and you are looking for a reliable flash drive supplier and style. Two is marketing. You want to make an impression and have the person remember your organization long after they first receive the promotional flash drive.

Flash Drive Buyer for utility USBs

If you are a utility purchaser, portability, speed, and capacity are your primary considerations. Flash drives come in capacities ranging from 64MB up to 128GB. Though it is possible to get even higher capacity flash drives, at some point, the added capacity has a cost that makes it impractical. Most organizations can meet their needs with a 16GB or 32GB flash drive. Consider the files that need to be shared; simple documents will require lower capacity. Media files, like photos, videos or audio / music will require more capacity. Consider the likely use case and you can figure out the capacity you need. You can check out our capacity guide here.

Custom Image USB Flash DriveSpeed is another factor. While most people are fine with USB 1.0, if you are running media off the flash drive, or using it in presentations, consider a USB 2.0. The faster speed will make it more convenient to use.

Now comes the shape and size for a utility buyer. The most common flash drive styles are the Twist (sometimes called a swivel) and the classic. Theses fit easily in pockets and hands. It is not just the size that is appropriate but the shape. This may seem minor, but if you are using the flash drive often, the more comfortable it is to carry and hold the better.

Flash Drive Buyer for Promotional USBs

For promotional buyers, the equation gets a bit more complicated. While capacity is important if you are also sharing a lot of marketing materials on the flash drive, it is likely less of an issue. We see 4GB and 8GB with USB 1.0 flash drives as the most common. The real citizen watch metal ubs credit card flash drive usb 2.0question is who are you giving this to and what do you want them to think?

If you are trying to convey class, stability or reliability, the Metal USBs are a good area to consider. The styles are elegant and the feel of the flash drive is solid. Etched metal has an unique look that gets and hold attention.

For more whimsical and fun, take a look at things like the Bracelet USB. It is playful and practical. There are also fun shapes like the Capsule, Robot or Laser. Take a look at these styles if you want to make people smile.

To tell people you are really creative, check out the credit card flash drive. In both plastic and metal, the credit card usb (also called business card USB) lets you showcase creativity.

Back to the utility purchaser… don’t neglect the creative side. Even if the primary purpose is file sharing, you can make a lasting impression as well with imprinted logos or design.

If you are still not sure what direction you want to go, contact the customer representative or browse the custom USBs on Memory Suppliers for some great ideas.

Make A lasting Impression With a Metal USB

Make A lasting Impression With a Metal USB

Lets face it, you want to be remembered… that’s why you are reading this. You want to give out a promo item that the person will think about many times after you meet. You need the Metal USB Flash Drive. This is the promo USB that gets people’s attention when you give it to them. It is also something they will use over and over again, seeing your logo each time and remembering your brand.

Why a metal USB

Metal makes an impression. The visual effects of polished, etched or imprinted metal gets a lot of attention. Polished metal simply stands out, whether matt or gloss finish, people tend to notice it. The etched metal surface calls attentions, speaks to quality and durability… two traits you want to have associated with your brand. When you imprint on a metal USB, the characteristics of the metal surface are not overcome by the ink, but are drawn out by it. The texture of the metal is apparent as a base of the imprinted logo or design. This attracts attention and provides a lasting impression.

clariant metal ubs credit card flash drive usb 2.0But it is not just the inherent qualities of the metal that call attention to the USB. There are many different designs of metal flash drives that highlight the great qualities of the metal surface. The metal credit card or business card USB has a large imprinting metal surface area for terrific creative designs. Even if it is just your company logo, your brand will stand out a lot on the large surface. Pluss, using your imagination, you can create some very cool custom designs as well that can use full color printing on the flash drive.

There are other flash drive styles that just say “quality” and “class”, like this Bentley Metal Flash Drive from iPromo. Better for metal etching than imprinting (though imprinting on this USB would work as well), the Bentley really stands out among flash drives.

Other styles of metal flash drives follow the more traditional shapes of the swivel and stick, but with the added dimension of metal. This material choice adds a lot of value to the appearance of even the most traditional shapes and styles of USBs. From small, compact flash drives to larger ones, the addition of metal as a material has a great affect on the impact the promo item makes.

So, whether it is a trade show or a client gift, take a look at metal flash drives and see if there isn’t one that makes sense for your promo campaign.