How Can Promotional USB Drives Grow Your Brand?

Are you looking for a unique way to promote your business?

Promotional USB drives offer users a convenient way to transport large quantities of documents and can help spread the word on your company while they do it.

According to Global Industry Analysts, the global market for USB drives will reach more than half a billion units by 2020.

Read on to learn more about how a promotional USB drive can help your business.

Mass Appeal

In today’s digital world, a USB drive is useful to people and other businesses, giving your promotional USB drives have a universal appeal.

Not only is a USB drive is a useful way to transport documents without the risk of damage to physical files, it’s also an effective way for you to save space when you are packing up to prepare for a conference or an industry trade show.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Promotional USB drives are also a great way to leave a lasting impression on a potential customer.

Why? Because a USB drive is a useful gift that can be used often. According to the New York Times’ Gadgetwise, USB drives can last up to 10 years or longer.

How many times have you received promotional gifts that you do not want or will not use? Items like pens, magnets or paper clips have minimal utility and do not last long.

Promote Being Environmentally Friendly

Have you ever been to a conference or trade show and received a large stack of paperwork or other materials?

These are costly for the business printing them and can create an issue for the recipient who needs to find a place to store them.

A USB drive can be used to help send a message to trade show or presentation attendees that your company is environmentally friendly.

Going green is an increasingly more meaningful thing consumers consider before spending money.

According to Nielsen, 72 percent of consumers who are part of Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s) report they will pay more for products and services from companies they perceive as having a positive social or environmental impact.

“Brands that establish a reputation for environmental stewardship among today’s youngest consumers have an opportunity to not only grow market share but build loyalty among the power-spending Millennials of tomorrow, too,” says Grace Farraj, SVP, Public Development & Sustainability, Nielsen.

For businesses who are seeking to capture this segment of the market, a USB drive can send a positive message to those consumers.

Wrapping Up: Market With Promotional USB Drives

A USB drive is a useful tool for consumers and can be a positive way for you to market your company to others.

Are you interested in using USB drives as part of your marketing campaign?

At Memory Suppliers, we can help your business design a unique USB drive to use for promotional purposes.

Contact us today to learn more about our USB drive options, competitive prices, and our product lifetime warranty.

How to Format a Flash Drive

A flash drive is a convenient way to store documents, photos, or any other digital files you have. USB drives are small, portable, and easy to use.

But depending on what kind of files you load onto your flash drive, you may need a way to quickly erase all of the data. In these instances, it’s important to know how to securely format a flash drive.

Luckily, formatting a flash drive is fairly easy to do. Here are the steps to follow.

Why Format a Flash Drive?

There are a couple of reasons you might need to format your flash drive. Sometimes, space on the drive gets filled with bloatware, which takes up memory on the disk even after the files are all deleted.

Or, perhaps you got the USB drive for free at an event, and want to make sure that it is clean before you use it. Sometimes, flash drives can have harmful viruses or malware lurking on them. Reformatting the device will remove these.

Reformatting the Drive in Windows

The steps for reformatting a USB drive are slightly different depending on whether you are using a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Since Windows is the most commonly used operating system, we will discuss that one first.

Start by inserting the flash drive into the computer’s USB slot. Then, open up “My Computer,” find the drive in the menu, and right click on it. Once you right click on the drive, the option “format” should appear.

In this window, you will have a choice of format keys. If you will need to transport files larger than 4GB, select NTFS. If the storage capacity on your device is 2GB or less, you should select FAT.

Once you have selected a key, assign a label in the “volume label” box. This will be the name of your drive.

Next, select “start.” This will begin the formatting process, which will clear the drive.

If the drive does not work correctly after you have reformatted it, you can come back to this menu. Select, “restore device defaults” to return to the factory settings.

Reformatting the Drive on a Mac OS

The process for reformatting your USB drive is slightly different on a Mac computer. After inserting the flash drive, you should select Disk Utility, and then select the USB key. When the next window opens, select Partition.

In this window, select Options, and then select Master Boot Record. Next, select Ok. This will start the reformatting process.

Reformatting the Drive with Linux

To reformat your drive in Linux, you will need to download and install the GParted program. This program allows you to create new partitions on your drive in various formats.

Get Flashdrives for Every Need

By following these simple steps, you will be able to easily format a flash drive.

If you would like to use get flash drives for your business or organization, contact us. We have a wide variety of options to meet any of your needs.

Why Branded USB Sticks are the Most Effective Promotional Product

Are you looking for the perfect promotional product for your business?

Branded USB sticks are the new T-shirt or coffee mug. According to Global Marketing Analysts, the global market for usb flash drives is projected to exceed 555 million units by 2020.

Android smartphones featuring micro USB ports are helping to drive this growth and lend credibility to their staying power in the market.

This is exactly why these are wonderful promotional products no matter what your industry is.

Customized To Be Unique & Cool

You want to be different and stand out. Your business, tagline and logo were all thought out after much debate and deliberation. Your branded USB sticks can be customized the same way.

They are available in all shapes and sizes and you can even make your own one of a kind classic. What could be more unique than a usb that looks like a jet that was done for an Under Armour marketing campaign?

You can take this idea and really run with it for your business. If you are a contractor, you could get a house USB. Animal shelters could purchase a cute dog or cat usb. Use your imagination and have fun with idea. You will want to put some time into thinking about what will make it get passed around.

Introduction Tool or Ice Breaker

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner or sales representative at a business, it’s always nice to have that perfect excuse to introduce yourself. Forget handing out brochures or business cards, you can put all your promotional information on the usb. The likelihood of it getting thrown out has now dropped to zero.

The booths at trade shows with promotional items have been proven to receive more traffic than the booths with nothing. It’s good to have a unique ice breaker to get the conversation rolling about what you have to offer.

Promotional products kick off the reciprocal effect. It’s been proven that the effectiveness of campaigns almost double when you give something away.

Marketers use this technique all the time. People do business with people they like and the only way to get to know someone is to introduce yourself. Branded usb sticks have a high perceived value to consumers and when you are giving away them away you are guaranteed to be memorable.

High Perceived Value

Electronic gadgets have a much higher perceived value than a mug or shirt. Just the fact that you can’t create one yourself or even totally understand how it works, gives the perception that it is costly.

I’m sure you’ve received a stainless steel mug as a promotional item in the past. How would you rank that mug compared to a plastic one? I know I kept the stainless ones much longer. The plastic ones were re-gifted or tossed.

The same principle can be applied to your branded USB sticks. Metal USBs make a statement with their quality and durability. You can really step up the perceived value and also give yourself that touch of class that you want everyone to remember you for.

When you think of branded USB sticks, you may be thinking your branding space will be really small. You may want more room than what a product like a pen would have. There are some great credit card shaped USB’s that will give you all the room you need to deliver your company logo and tagline with class.

Usefulness & Sharing

Everyone can use a USB. In the past, everyone didn’t necessarily know what a USB was or what it could do. Those days are long gone. Even our kids know that we need to be paperless and more environmentally friendly. USBs are another step in that direction.

Shirts and pens used to be the “go to” items in promotional products. But t-shirts as promotional items were always limited by the size and whether they would fit. Many women don’t appreciate the squinting and staring at their chest as people read the logo and what it is advertising.

Your branded USB sticks will get more mileage for your promotional dollar that just about every item out there. Every school year, children need one to have in their school supplies. They get passed around the office and are super for traveling.

There are so many different things they get used for and these are some top favorites.

Backing Up Information

We have all experienced the inevitable day when something crashes and you can’t get into your computer without taking it in for technical support. Have a usb handy to just throw a copy of documents or pictures on it. Better to be safe than sorry if you need that document first thing in the morning and couldn’t wait for tech support.

Taking Pictures For Prints

If you are heading into a place to get copies made, the branded USB sticks are quick and plug into almost every machine on the market now.


Documents, photos and just about every kind of information now can be easily shared with a USB plug and play technology. It’s quick and makes transferring items from one machine to another easy and painless.

Run Applications or Lock Your Laptop

There are a lot of other high tech things that branded usb sticks can be utilized for that the average person doesn’t even know that they can do. You can run portable applications with it or use it as a mp3 player. You can even lock your computer with it.

If you are one of those tech savvy people, those are great things to throw out there as you are passing your branded usb sticks out to prospective clients.

Branded USB Sticks For Viral Marketing

You can now see how branded USB sticks are cutting edge, trendy and the next step in viral marketing.

Imaginative and creative ideas will set you apart from the competition.

Come by our website to start designing your original usb and try out our quick quote feature. We also have live 24/7 chat to answer any questions you may have.


How to Securely Erase Flash Drive Data

How to Securely Erase Flash Drive Data

Do you have sensitive information on your flash drive? Are you looking to get rid of extra files sitting around on separate drives, but not sure what to do with the information?

Clicking “delete” on your desktop screen won’t erase flash drive memory completely. It just looks like the file is gone, but the information is still sitting on a chip.

In the wrong hands, this can cause a lot of trouble by letting personal or executive company information out, which is why taking precaution is crucial.

1. Go to the Source

The best place to start understanding how to erase flash drive data is to check the manufacturer’s website.

Manufacturer utilities are your direct resource to better understand the ins and outs of how to erase flash drive data. They can walk you through the process and ensure your data is gone for good.

Some even have call centers or online personnel ready to talk in real-time. This can be a great tool if you are not tech-savvy, but want to be smart about your data.

2. Run Application Downloads

There are many different online applications you can install to completely wipe your drive, but do your research before committing to a provider.

The industry ranges from free to paid applications, some with simple, guided steps and others which can be more complicated.

Start by checking out systems like Ccleaner and Eraser.


Ccleaner runs on both Windows and Mac.

The system is self-explanatory. All you have to do is connect your flash drive and click on the Drive Wiper feature under Tools.

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of data you no longer want or need. Keep in mind it can reduce the lifespan of your flash drive. Ccleaner is ideal for cheap drives or ones you are about to throw away anyway

It can cost you as low as a $5 monthly subscription. In exchange, you get the security of knowing you have an in-depth method to erase flash drive data.

There is also a free version if you want to just wipe a few flash drives for now.


Eraser works best on Windows and Vista.

It is as easy to access as a quick download from their homepage, which will always have the most updated version.

Once installed, run it as soon as possible. Open a new task and name the project, maybe something like “erase flash drive”.

Then, add the data you wish to erase by identifying the drive from the Target menu.  Check and double check the name of the drive, because you will not be able to get mistakenly-erased data back.

Next is choosing a method.

Some algorithms can be as extensive as going through data 35 times for ultimate cyber security. For day-to-day files like personal items or some work-related data, the Schneier 7 Pass Method should do.

It goes through everything just enough to successfully erase flash drive files, without taking too much time.

3. Encryption Precautions

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of something is to make it look like it isn’t even there in the first place.

This is one way encryption protection can save your data from the wrong people. When you encrypt a file before putting it on your flash drive, it cannot be accessed by anyone without the encryption key.

A key is much more complex and secure than a password. It is a specific code and command tied to one file, almost impossible to crack.

However, it is fairly easy to create. Some encryption options are even built in for Windows and Mac users to access as they please.


Windows runs encryption using BitLocker.

BitLocker is available to encrypt an entire internal drive at once or external flash drives one by one. It is essentially a one-stop-shop for all your protection needs. Plus, for extra safety, you can back up your encryption key with an active Microsoft account and some extra hardware.

The only downside to this built-in option is the fact it doesn’t come on all Windows programs.

Users operating on a Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate Windows computer will have direct access. Windows Home or Windows 7/8 users won’t have access without upgrading.


Apple’s OS X comes with encryption at your fingertips on every Mac.

In just a few clicks and a bit of a learning curve, you can encrypt your whole computer or choose some files at a time before putting them on a drive.

Files can be anything from written data and downloads to images and graphics. However, depending on the file type, you will work on either FileVault or Disk Utility.

4. Smash It

The quickest, most reliable way to erase flash drive data requires no computer time.

Instead, you will need a hammer and some muscle, and maybe a nail. Take the flash drive outside and start swinging at it until some of the pieces come apart.

Once the outer case is removed, make sure the storage chips inside are crushed.

Remember, these tiny chips have levels and levels of algorithms meant to protect your data. Drive a little extra force on them with a nail to ensure there is no chance of anyone getting your personal data.

We understand smashing flash drives may not seem like the most financially-smart thing to do. Yet, the protection of your data is priceless. Just as there are many forms of technology in place to protect your files, there are many trying to hack in to your privacy, too.

Erase Flash Drive Data for Good

Whatever the reason for wishing to erase flash drive files, always make sure the files are truly gone.

There is a difference between something being deleted on your screen and something coded permanently on the drive’s chip. Take the extra steps to reach your data at all levels of a code before a hacker has the chance to do so.

If this means taking a hammer to it, a new flash drive is an easy replacement. Plus, it saves you the worry of wondering where your data really is.

Are you in the market to replace your company’s flash drives? Contact us about custom drives today!

What You Need to Know About Buying a Custom Flash Drive

custom flash drives sitting on a laptop computer

Odds are, you’ve used a flash drive in your lifetime.

You might have needed one for school or college or received one in a welcome package for a new job.

They are incredibly powerful for their compact size, storing thousands of documents in a safe and convenient way. However, what if they could be used for more than just data storage?

Custom Flash Drive

A custom flash drive is a great new way to promote your business. Imprinting a logo on an interestingly-shaped flash drive can garner attention from people who receive it or simply see it being used.

They are fully customizable, from their size and shape to their capacity. They make great gifts, too! You can never have too many on hand.

Follow along to read more about why you should customize your own flash drive.

It Saves Paper

This is the most basic reason for switching to electronic devices. Being able to store thousands of documents on a tiny object saves so much paper.

Think about it: you’ll no longer need to print multiple copies of an important schedule, document, or memo. Instead, you can carry them around with you and distribute them around the office digitally.

Buying a set of customizable flash drives can help your office become more eco-friendly. If you’d like to learn more about how you can customize a flash drive, follow this link.

Transfers Sensitive Material Securely

Flash drives are great for when you want to transfer sensitive material offline. You eliminate the risk of confidential records and documents being compromised.

Unless you lose your flash drive, hackers cannot access your data. So, no one will know what you have on hand. It’s a great way to not only remain anonymous, but also to make sure that documents remain only in the right hands.


As we mentioned before, custom flash drives can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Just print your business logo on the front and you’re done! Giving these out at trade shows can be a great way to get your name out there.

Many business owners give them out in conjunction with their business card. Others decide to place them in goodie bags for charity events or on each seat before important meetings.

Another great idea is to bring one to a business presentation.

Load your PowerPoint on to it. Once you’re done presenting, hand the flash drive to your prospects. They will be able to access the presentation whenever they want and you will get free publicity every time they plug in their flash drive.

Buying Guide

Now that you see what custom flash drives can do for you and your business, you should learn more about their technical specifications. For example, you need to research which type to get and how powerful to make it.

Follow along for a quick rundown on some specs that will hopefully help you decide which flash drive to buy.

Storage Size

Custom flash drives are available in a wide range of storage sizes. You can go for the most basic 128MB option, or upgrade to a 32GB one. It all depends on your budget and on what the intended use of the flash drive would be.

To give you some context, you can store roughly 10,000 documents on a 1GB flash drive. On the 16GB version, that number goes up to 160,000. This is assuming your documents are approximately 100KB in size.


There are two common versions of flash drives: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. The latter is the current, updated version. It has significantly faster speeds of data upload and download than its older brother.

Most flash drives on the market are USB 2.0. However, it’s important to check with your custom flash drive provider to make sure you’re getting the newest, fastest version.


A flash drive is only as good as its internal structure. Finding one with a great memory chip is essential. You’ll want to look for grade-A manufacturers, such as Intel, Samsung, Micron, and Hynix.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the materials being used on the outward casing are durable. Opt for metallic key rings instead of plastic ones.


Keeping a flash drive in a safe place can be a challenge for a lot of people. Many will lose their USB within a few weeks of having it. Making a small hole at one end for a keyring is an easy but incredibly useful feature to add to your custom flash drive.

It is also very smart to add a small LED to indicate when the flash drive is in use. It should turn off as soon as the USB is ejected from the computer, even if it remains plugged in.

Data Services

If you intend to use your custom flash drive for marketing purposes, there are so many things your supplier can do for you before you even receive your order.

First off, they can preload data onto each flash drive. This could be anything from a presentation, a brochure, or even a video.

They can also enable USB Auto Run, which will automatically open preloaded data when the flash drive is plugged into a computer. This will make sure that whoever uses your custom flash drive will access the material you deliberately placed in it.

If you want to place a USB order for your office, it might also be smart to add the File Lock feature. It prevents files from being accidentally deleted. This is a great feature for contracts, special client files, and other materials that you don’t want to lose.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned about all the cool tech aspects of flash drives, get excited to design your own!

The sky is the limit with these. You can make them into the shape of an American football, as slim as a credit card, or even embed them into a pen.

Whatever you decide will be a great step forward for your business. If you still need help designing your custom flash drive, contact us.

We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.